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Cast Members

We are only as good as the cast members that represent these beloved characters, and we are blessed to have this amazing team!


I am so happy and grateful to be a part of the Fairy Godmother Events! I was born to perform and to create a magical, memorable, and fun time for children, being able to see their faces light up is such an amazing opportunity. I want to be able to make their favorite fairy tale characters come to life! I have grown up performing and have loved Disney since forever, and I can’t wait to spread the magic!

Emma Howard

I have been involved in theater and dance for as long as I can remember, and I love to use my talents to entertain kids. I believe that bringing kids’ imaginations to life is one of the coolest experiences to be a part of. I’m very grateful for this amazing opportunity to work for Fairy Godmother Events, where I can take on different Disney characters and spread some joy!

Daniel Stewart

Truman is a young man with a passion for the stage and a blast to see in character. Whether it be starring in a drama performance or engaging with a small group of guests, his personality and charm will light up the room. His experience draws from multiple high school performances to avid participation in church, and formally high school choir.
Characters: Ice Harvester


Multiple Elly Award nominee/2 time Elly Winner (Best Actress, Mary Poppins, Musical Direction, Scrooge: The Musical), Tamra Rogers holds a BA in Music (WJU), has taught piano and voice for over 25 years, and currently owns and operates Tamraloo Music and More, Lincoln’s Best Music Instruction 4 years in a row. Tamra is an accomplished collaborative pianist, choral conductor and theatrical music director, and was most recently seen onstage as Morticia in McLaughlin’s Addams Family and offstage as MD for LTC’s My Fair Lady. Her heart belongs to her four incredible children and Superhero husband.
Characters: Nanny Poppins, Rapunzel’s Mother, Incredible Mom


Tabitha is so grateful for the opportunity to work for The Fairy Godmother Events. Seeing people’s eyes light up when meeting their favorite character is by far her favorite part of working for this company. She has been dancing and singing her whole life, and Disney holds a special place in her heart, but beyond that she loves being able to make a child’s special day unforgettable!
Characters: Tinker Fairy, Ice Queen, Snow White


Working for the Fairy Godmother is truly a dream! Sophia has been doing musical theatre since the age of 5, so being able to use her performance skills in a magical way always makes her feel happy. She loves music and playing instruments, especially the ukulele! The Fairy Godmother truly brings a magical experience to all children, and Sophia loves being a part of that!
Characters: Wonder Hero, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty


Sabrina has a BA in Theatre Arts with minors in English and Film Studies from University of the Pacific. She is currently studying Graphic Design, and for the past twelve years she has directed youth theatre productions for Changing Faces Theater Company in Lodi. She also has experience in costume design and production design. She enjoys playing a range of characters from comedic to dramatic. She likes to do voices, impersonations, and accents.
Characters: Mary Sanderson


Payton has dreamed of being a princess all her life. She has always looked up to the princesses’ kindness and courage and they have added so much magic and happiness to her life. Now, her dream has come true and she is so excited to bring that magic and happiness to the hearts of other children!
Characters: Sleeping Beauty, Unicorn Princess


Nate is so thankful to be a character for The Fairy Godmother Events. He loves seeing kids’ faces light up with such amazement and joy. He enjoys getting to interact with kids because they understand that he’s just as childish as them.
Characters: Spider Hero


Monique has been exposed to the performing arts ever since she was a little girl. From church choir to community theatre, performing in a variety of musicals and plays, which even included trips down to Disneyland to perform during Christmas! Monique enjoys playing piano as well as singing, acting, and dancing, and is so grateful to be able to combine all her talents with her love for Disney at The Fairy Godmother Events! What once and still brings her joy, now she can spread to other young children and the children at heart, living for the smiles that come to their faces. She thinks that everyone deserves a little magic in their lives every once in a while!
Characters: Snow Princess, Mermaid Princess, Beauty, Cinderella, Snow White


Max is a junior in high school at John Adams Academy. He loves parkour and has been taking it for six years. He has now been teaching parkour for about a year. That experience helps him in his role as Spider Hero. In his free time, he likes to play volleyball and build robots for his robotics team.
Characters: Spider Hero


Matthew Todd currently studies at William Jessup University where he is in his sophomore year and has been performing in musical theatre for the past 5 years. In his spare time, Matthew typically plays piano, harmonica, or just sits in disbelief of the sheer fact that he has free time amidst his busy schedule. He hopes to one day be either famous or a pharmacist.
Characters: Christmas Elf, Spider Hero


From a young age, Liana fell in love with musical theater and Disney. She loves kids, and so naturally working for the FairyGodMother Events was a dream come true.
Characters: Polynesian Princess, Pocahontas, Arabian Princess, Princess Elena


Leah’s dream of being a Disney princess has been brought to life through the magic of this company!! The ability to bring joy to people through singing, acting, and dancing is unmatchable, and she feels so honored that she gets to share her passion. She has been performing since she was 5-years-old, and the chance to do so as her personal favorite princesses is absolutely delightful. She is so excited to continue doing what she loves!!
Characters: Snow Princess, Mermaid Princess, Polynesian Princess, Shimmery Shiny Genie


Katie is so excited to be working with The Fairy Godmother! Katie has been involved in many musical theatre productions around the Roseville area and loves to be able to tell a story with her talents. She is so happy to be able to share her love of Disney and magic thanks to The Fairy Godmother!
Characters: Snow Sisters, Mermaid Princess, Rapunzel


Josh grew up as a gymnast and has been doing parkour for the past 5 years. He is a trained acrobat and is currently working as a professional circus/fire performer, parkour instructor and photographer. He has been working with kids for the past 4 years and cherishes the opportunity to be a positive influence in their lives, and to inspire them to pursue their dreams and reach for the stars. Working at the Fairy Godmother has been an amazing opportunity, and he loves having the chance to interact with kids as their favorite superheroes. It’s such a cool experience to become these characters that made such a big impact on my life, and to see the wonder on the kids faces absolutely makes his day! He has also had the pleasure to work with Fairy Godmother to bring some new characters to the table: Adventure Hero, Warrior Hero, and more coming very soon!
Characters: Spider Hero, Galactic Hero, Adventure Hero, Warrior Hero


Izzie is passionate about children and while she does not have a background in theater, she has extensive education in medicine and is a pediatric medical assistant. She has always had a love for music and performing, and now is able to combine her two passions into one with her position here at The Fairy Godmother Events! She would love to have the opportunity to educate, advocate for, and entertain your little ones!
Characters: Cinderella, Snow Sisters, Snow White, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, Mermaid Princess, Rag Doll


Hailey absolutely adores bringing that special spark to each party and event she attends. She has been performing since the age of 9 and has a passion for singing. She cherishes each special moment that she gets to spend making magic for your little ones and is so grateful that Fairy Godmother allows her the opportunity, as a princess, to encourage people to love their unique and beautiful selves!
Characters: Beauty, Mermaid Princess, Snow Princess, Cinderella, Galactic Hero, Wonder Woman


Georgia has loved the magic of Disney for as long as she can remember. She has been a part of musical theatre since the age of 10 and enjoys singing, playing guitar and ukelele. Georgia is truly grateful for the opportunity to work with the Fairy Godmother and spread the joy of community through fairy tales, singing, and lots of fun!
Characters: Beauty, Mermaid Princess, Cinderella, Wonder Hero, Ice Queen, and Snow White


Emily is a young performer through her musical theatre and music programs. She enjoys playing a few instruments and performing, along with working with children. She’s so excited to inspire and be a princess like she always wanted in this amazing team.
Characters: Polynesian Princess, Princess Elena


Cassie is a theatre and film actress, mainly appearing in local musicals. By day she teaches theatre to adults with disabilities, and she is a single mother to a teenage daughter who also appears on stage from time to time.
Characters: Witch Sister


Being part of the Fairy Godmother Events has been a dream! It has allowed Caitlyn to further her love of Disney, kids, and music all in one! Coming from a musical background has made this job so much fun and she absolutely loves working with the kiddos!
Characters: Snow Princess, Mermaid Princess, Tinker Fairy


Bella is so lucky to be apart of The Fairy Godmother! She’s humbled to be apart of such a talented and supportive cast and loves nothing more than to use her craft to make children smile. It’s truly a dream come true to sing, dance, and paint for the happiness of others!
Polynesian Princess, Arabian Princess, Pocahontas


Annabelle enjoys performing in community theatre in the Roseville and Rocklin area. Singing and dancing can always bring a smile to her face! She is so thankful to be able to bring that same joy to kids through singing and story telling.
Characters: Polynesian Princess, Princess Elena, Pocahontas


Daniel has been involved in theater and dance from a very young age, and he loves to use his talents to entertain kids and adults alike. He believes that bringing kids’ imaginations to life is one of the coolest experiences to be a part of. He looks forward to going above and beyond to help create the perfect event!
Characters: Cowboy, Galactic Villain, Rapunzel’s Prince, Paw Puppy Police Dog

Daniel Stewart

Megan’s love for Disney and performing began at a young age. Megan has been involved in musical theatre since she was 4 years old and loves being able to transform into someone new to tell a story on stage. Megan enjoys playing ukulele, guitar and singing. Megan absolutely loves working with The Fairy Godmother because being a part of bringing children a truly magical experience that they will never forget is extraordinary!


Cast Member Alfina

Alfinia absolutely loves portraying the wonderful characters that she plays for The Fairy Godmother Events. It is the most wonderful feeling to bring joy and light into the hearts of sweet children!
Characters: Frog Princess, Light Fairy

Alfinia Myah


Dan has been a television/film actor for 5 years. This includes years of training in improvisation and training in fields such as stand-up comedy. His life is performing, and he’d love to bring that energy to your special event!
Characters: Patriotic Hero, Super Hero, Cowboy, Wrecking Hero, Bat Hero

Daniel Marotte

Abigail Lincoln

Abigail has been a character performer for this amazing company since early 2015. She has performed in front of audiences her whole life singing, playing instruments, and dancing. Playing with kids is a lot of fun for her, and she absolutely loves what she does.
Characters: Mermaid Princess, Snow Sisters, Alice, Glamour Doll, Cinderella, Wicked Queen’s Daughter, Rapunzel, Shimmery Shiny Genie, Snow White, Wonder Hero, Super Hero, Tinker Fairy

Abigail Lincoln

Claire Q

Claire Quillen has been a cast member with the Fairy Godmother Events since 2016 and has loved every minute spent performing and making magic! Claire has been a musical theater performer throughout the Roseville area since the age of 8 and loves continuing her performing with FGM. She currently attends college at Pennsylvania State University, studying nursing, and always looks forward to coming home to rejoin the cast during the summer and holiday season!
Characters: Ice Queen, Sleeping Beauty, Wendy, Beauty, Shimmery Shiny Genie, Christmas Elf

Claire Quillen


Taylor is a freshman majoring in Communication at Vanguard University of Southern California. She loves going to the beach and Disneyland when she has the time. Taylor has been with the FairyGodmother for 3 years. She loves performing and creating a magical experience for every little prince and princess she meets.
Characters: Snow Princess, Mermaid Princess, Tinker Fairy, Rapunzel, Brave Princess, Troll Princess, Shimmery Shiny Genie, Wonder Hero, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty.

Taylor Harris

Haley Wallace

Haley loves being a part of The Fairy Godmother Events cast and feels so blessed to be involved in the many opportunities this company brings! She has been performing for many years, but the most magical performing experiences have been with The Fairy Godmother Events as beloved Disney characters. Being able to bring these characters to life and see the impact it has on so many people has been such a dream come true!
Characters: Beauty, Galactic Hero

Haley Wallace


I have loved superheroes ever since I first saw the hulk as a kid. When I became an uncle it gave me the love of seeing my nieces and nephew as happy as they could be. I simply try to give kids positive memories that they can hold on to. Working with all the other cast members is such an uplifting experience.

Peyton Wilfey


Izzy feels beyond blessed to be a part of the magic that is The Fairy Godmother! She’s been a devoted lover of Disney for as long as she can remember. Her passions include performing, reading, and spreading joy! She’s been a participant in musical theatre for around 12 years. The princesses of Disney have influenced her life in so many positive ways, and now she is fortunate enough to carry out what they did for her to other kids! She loves working with children and seeing them believe in the magic all around them.
Characters: Beauty, Princess Elena, Arabian Princess

Izzy Mundo

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